The issue of sex services in Sydney is a state-wide one, with local councils being the only ones
who can effectively deal with this problem. However, the city’s mayor and councillors are not
entirely at odds. The City of Sydney has increased investigations into massage parlours in the
past year and successfully prosecuted two brothels operating as massage parlours. However,
the government is not doing enough to combat the problem, and local councils must take action to stop it.

Sex Services in Sydney

There are concerns about the health of the sex workers, with more than half of them coming
from Chinese-speaking countries. It is also believed that many of them have suffered from
domestic violence, and some are seeking employment in the sex services as a way to maintain
basic financial stability after escaping abusive relationships. In a study by BaptistCare
HopeStreet Women’s Services of migrant sex workers in Sydney’s lower-end brothels, they
found a correlation between domestic violence and involvement in the sex industry. In addition, three-quarters of them believed that Australian society has a negative view of the sex industry.

Increasing use of telephones, particularly in the early twentieth century, allowed people to
conduct business in a discreet manner, which meant that women could charge customers for
erotic conversations over the phone. Public phone boxes also created a convenient location for these sex services to advertise their services. The advent of the internet and the proliferation of social media sites also helped the industry to grow. In the meantime, more people are taking advantage of the convenience of these new platforms.